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A collection of higher lever helpers for offchain calls.


A high-level helpers for making HTTP requests from Offchain Workers.

A set of storage helpers for offchain workers.

In-memory implementation of offchain workers database.

Off-chain Storage Lock

Utilities for offchain calls testing.


Execution context extra capabilities.

Duration type

Opaque type for offchain http requests.

An identifier for a type of cryptographic key.

An *Externalities implementation with limited capabilities.

The offchain database extension that will be registered at the Substrate externalities.

The offchain worker extension that will be registered at the Substrate externalities.

Simple blob to hold a Multiaddr without committing to its format.

A blob to hold information about the local node’s network state without committing to its format.

Opaque timestamp type

An externalities extension to submit transactions to the pool.


An error enum returned by some http methods.

Status of the HTTP request

Change to be applied to the offchain worker db in regards to a key.

A type of supported crypto.


Persistent storage prefix used by the Offchain Worker API when creating a DB key.


A externalities extension for accessing the Offchain DB.

An extended externalities for offchain workers.

Offchain DB persistent (non-fork-aware) storage.

Abstraction over transaction pool.