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Prelude to be used alongside pallet macro, for ease of use.


pub use crate::dispatch::DispatchResult;
pub use crate::dispatch::DispatchResultWithPostInfo;
pub use crate::dispatch::Parameter;
pub use crate::ensure;
pub use crate::inherent::ProvideInherent;
pub use crate::storage;
pub use crate::storage::bounded_vec::BoundedVec;
pub use crate::storage::types::OptionQuery;
pub use crate::storage::types::ValueQuery;
pub use crate::weights::DispatchClass;
pub use crate::weights::Pays;
pub use crate::weights::Weight;


Hash storage keys with blake2 128

Hash storage keys with concat(blake2_128(key), key)

Hash storage keys with blake2 256

Implement Get<u32> and Get<Option<u32>> using the given const.

A wrapper around a StorageMap and a StorageValue<Value=u32> to keep track of how many items are in a map, without needing to iterate all the values.

Implement Get by returning Default for any type that implements Default.

Store the key directly.

Inherent data to include in a block.

A type used exclusively by storage maps as their key type.

Zero-sized type used to mark things that “act like” they own a T.

A type that allow to store values for (key1, key2) couple. Similar to StorageMap but allow to iterate and remove value associated to first key.

A type that allow to store value for given key. Allowing to insert/remove/iterate on values.

A type that allow to store values for an arbitrary number of keys in the form of (Key<Hasher1, key1>, Key<Hasher2, key2>, ..., Key<HasherN, keyN>).

A type that allow to store a value.

Hash storage keys with concat(twox64(key), key)

Hash storage keys with twox 128

Hash storage keys with twox 256

Information concerning a valid transaction.


Reason why a dispatch call failed.

An invalid transaction validity.

The source of the transaction.

Errors that can occur while checking the validity of a transaction.

An unknown transaction validity.


Trait that allows zero-copy read of value-references from slices in LE format.

Trait that allows zero-copy write of value-references to slices in LE format.

Some sort of check on the origin is performed by this object.

A trait to define the build function of a genesis config, T and I are placeholder for pallet trait and pallet instance.

A trait for querying a single value from a type.

Provides information about the storage version of a pallet.

The pallet hooks trait. Implementing this lets you express some logic to execute.

Trait to be used when types are exactly same.

Items implementing MaxEncodedLen have a statically known maximum encoded size.

A type that implements Serialize, DeserializeOwned and Debug when in std environment.

A type that can be used in runtime structures.

Provides information about the pallet itself and its setup in the runtime.

A trait to give information about storage.

Implementors return their meta type information.

Something that can validate unsigned extrinsics for the transaction pool.

Type Definitions

An identifier for an inherent.

Minimum number of blocks a transaction will remain valid for. TransactionLongevity::max_value() means “forever”.

Priority for a transaction. Additive. Higher is better.

Tag for a transaction. No two transactions with the same tag should be placed on-chain.

Information on a transaction’s validity and, if valid, on how it relates to other transactions.

Derive Macros

Derive Clone but do not bound any generic. Docs are at frame_support::CloneNoBound.

Derive Debug but do not bound any generics. Docs are at frame_support::DebugNoBound.

Derive parity_scale_codec::Decode and for struct and enum.

Derive parity_scale_codec::Encode and parity_scale_codec::EncodeLike for struct and enum.

derive Eq but do no bound any generic. Docs are at frame_support::EqNoBound.

Derive MaxEncodedLen.

Derive PartialEq but do not bound any generic. Docs are at frame_support::PartialEqNoBound.

Derive Debug, if std is enabled it uses frame_support::DebugNoBound, if std is not enabled it just returns "<stripped>". This behaviour is useful to prevent bloating the runtime WASM blob from unneeded code.