pub trait Hasher: Sync + Send {
    type Out: AsRef<[u8]> + AsMut<[u8]> + Default + MaybeDebug + PartialEq + Eq + Hash + Send + Sync + Clone + Copy;
    type StdHasher: Sync + Send + Default + Hasher;

    const LENGTH: usize;

    fn hash(x: &[u8]) -> Self::Out;
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Trait describing an object that can hash a slice of bytes. Used to abstract other types over the hashing algorithm. Defines a single hash method and an Out associated type with the necessary bounds.

Associated Types

The output type of the Hasher

What to use to build HashMaps with this Hasher.

Associated Constants

The length in bytes of the Hasher output.

Required methods

Compute the hash of the provided slice of bytes returning the Out type of the Hasher.