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Allows to fund/crowdsale Totem.


pub use __tt_default_parts_6 as tt_default_parts;



Contains one variant per dispatchable that can be called by an extrinsic.

Custom dispatch errors of this pallet.

The event emitted by this pallet.


Configuration trait of this pallet.

Type Definitions

Place to store investors accountids with balances.

Controller of funds (Live Accounting Association Account).

List of account Ids who have tokens (updated when token value is 0).

Initially 55% of Supply Reduces as funds distributed.

The Maximum Quantity of Coins that can be minted.


Type alias to Pallet, to be used by construct_runtime.

The number of coins distributed. It should equal the sum in AccountIdBalances.

Defines if the transfer mechanism is open yet.

Initially 45% of Supply (Reserved Funds).