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Reference-counted memory-based HashDB implementation.


Key function that only uses the hash

Key function that concatenates prefix and hash. This is doing useless computation and should only be used for legacy purpose. It shall be remove in the future.

MemTracker implementation for types which implement MallocSizeOf.

Reference-counted memory-based HashDB implementation.

No-op MemTracker implementation for when we want to construct a MemoryDB instance that does not track memory usage.

Key function that concatenates prefix and hash.


Used to implement incremental evaluation of MallocSizeOf for a collection.


Make database key from hash only.

Legacy method for db using previous version of prefix encoding. Only for trie radix 16 trie.

Derive a database key from hash value of the node (key) and the node prefix.

Type Definitions

The default memory tracker used by MemoryDB.