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Traits and macros for constructing application specific strongly typed crypto wrappers.


Ecdsa crypto types.

Ed25519 crypto types.

Known key types; this also functions as a global registry of key types for projects wishing to avoid collisions with each other.

Sr25519 crypto types.


Declares Public, Pair, Signature types which are functionally equivalent to $pair, but are new Application-specific types whose identifier is $key_type.

Declares Pair type which is functionally equivalent to $pair, but is new Application-specific type whose identifier is $key_type.

Generate the given code if the pair type is available.

Implement bidirectional From and on-way AsRef/AsMut for two types, $inner and $outer.


An identifier for a specific cryptographic algorithm used by a key pair

An identifier for a type of cryptographic key.


An application-specific key.

A application’s key pair.

A application’s public key.

A application’s signature.

Something that bound to a fixed RuntimeAppPublic.

Type which implements Hash in std, not when no-std (std variant).

A runtime interface for an application’s public key.

A runtime interface for a public key.