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Version module for the Substrate runtime; Provides a function that returns the runtime version.


Provides functionality to embed a RuntimeVersion as custom section into a WASM file.


Create a vector of Api declarations.


Runtime version. This should not be thought of as classic Semver (major/minor/tiny). This triplet have different semantics and mis-interpretation could cause problems. In particular: bug fixes should result in an increment of spec_version and possibly authoring_version, absolutely not impl_version since they change the semantics of the runtime.


Returns the version of the native runtime.

Something that can provide the runtime version at a given block.

Type Definitions

The identity of a particular API interface that the runtime might provide.

A vector of pairs of ApiId and a u32 for version.

Attribute Macros

An attribute that accepts a version declaration of a runtime and generates a custom wasm section with the equivalent contents.