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Types and traits for interfacing between the host and the wasm runtime.


Type to represent a pointer in wasm at the host.

The Signature of a function


Typed value that can be returned from a function.

Values supported by Substrate on the boundary between host/Wasm.

Value types supported by Substrate on the boundary between host/Wasm.


Something that provides a function implementation on the host for a wasm function.

Context used by Function to interact with the allocator and the memory of the wasm instance.

Something that provides implementations for host functions.

Something that can be converted into a wasm compatible Value.

A trait that requires RefUnwindSafe when feature = std.

Something that can be wrapped in a wasm Pointer.

Something that can read a primitive from a wasm memory location.

Something that provides access to the sandbox.

Something that can may be created from a wasm Value.

Something that can write a primitive to wasm memory location.

Type Definitions

Sandbox memory identifier.

Result type used by traits in this crate.

The word size used in wasm. Normally known as usize in Rust.